Cat Care

We follow a strict routine of cleaning and disinfection – the cattery is specially constructed for this. There are sneeze barriers to ensure there is no contact between pets from different households, and surfaces are chosen to be safe and hygienic.

We assess your pet’s health on a daily basis, and record his/her activities and behaviour. All our guests are encouraged to quickly settle down and enjoy their holiday, and extra attention is given to elderly and special needs cats. We also administer any veterinary prescribed medicines, including insulin.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

We are experienced and knowledgeable in animal care, we have several cats of our own and Margaret has successfully completed a college course in Small Animal Care. A normal requirement for FAB(now called International Cat Care) listing is for a cattery proprietor to have at least 2 years’ experience of managing a high quality boarding cattery – we were invited to apply for listing and were successful in June 2007. If we have any concerns about your pet’s health, we will seek veterinary advice as a matter of course. Our vets are on call 24/7. Most important of all – we give lots of Fuss and Attention!


Please note that a current vaccination certificate is normally required for flu and enteritis. Please ask us if you have any queries.

Accomodation & Cuisine

We have 11 generous chalets to accommodate 2 feline friends from the same home, and we have 2 super-size chalets to cater for 4 guests from the same family. 

Pet Palace

Cosy occasional boarding for your rabbit, guinea pig or other small furry pets. We have a few large cages made to latest RSPCA guidelines. 

Teriffs & Terms

Deposit of half the total cost of your pet’s stay is normally payable on arrival at the cattery, the balance being payable on collection of your pet.